Monday, November 16, 2009


I am against blogging. For myself. Or atleast, I used to be against blogging for myself. I have no qualms with anyone else blogging. In fact, I think its great. I really enjoy a good laugh now and then from a roommate’s blog, or being enlightened as to what is going on in my now very far away brother and sister-in-law’s lives, and I even like reading random blogs every once in while (for example, when I was trying to decide what African country to go to this summer I found a very helpful blog of an American family that moved to Ghana). Now for me to actually blog though…that is where I ran into problems. First of all, it is one of those things that everyone these days is doing. Sometimes, I just don’t like doing things that everyone else is doing. Second, I felt as if a blog was such a waste of time. I have a facebook and that is already a huge waste of my time, yet since I have one, I still use it and I still watch all my free time fly out the window. Third, I really do not think I have anything interesting to say. Honestly, who wants to read about what I am doing in my life? Oh that’s right, my mom!

I have obviously overcome these insecurities about blogging. And I will tell you why. My first objection, the one of not wanting to cave into popular demand, is just ridiculous. Obviously if so much of the population, and especially my friends who share similar goals and interests, enjoy it, then there has to be something to it. (Now don’t twist my words and think I will start applying that to drinking and other completely unmoral behaviors; this statement is only true within moral and non-worldly bounds). Second, it may not be such a waste of time. I have begun to realize that I am soon to be parting ways with so many friends and family. One brother and his wife have already moved to the other side of the country. My roommate (CVD) is studying abroad next semester, with another (JenKerr) close behind. Then another (SarahMaines) is taking off to live in London with two more (Layuh and Awelin) trying to get internships in NYC and DC. Other than the sad fact that all my friends are leaving me, this poses the need for us to stay in contact and know what is going on in one another’s lives. As to the last reason, well, people are maybe just going to have to deal with my blog being boring. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. I don’t care.

Hello world of blogging, here I come.
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