World Travels

I love traveling. So far I am up to 9 countries, on 4 continents. Here is a snapshot of where I've been and when.

Cape Coast, Ghana. Summer 2010. 

Accra, Ghana. Summer 2010. 
Teaching School.

Rome, Italy. August 2009.
Adventure with my big brother. 

Florence, Italy. August 2009.
Adventure with Big Bro continues.

United Kingdom: Salisbury, Bath, London. July 2009.
Adventure with my best friends. 

Bangkok, Thailand. December 2008.
Family Vacation.

Geneva, Switzerland. May, 2008.
Business trip with the folks. 

Nassau, Bahamas. January 2008.
Family Vacation.

Cozumel, Mexico. March, 2007.
Family Vacation.

Stockholm, Sweden. May, 2006.
Family Vacation

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