About Me

I am a 23 year old teacher of Early Head Start and coordinator of the program as well as an adjoining daycare.

I am a Brigham Young University grad.

I believe the foundation of a great America and a great world tomorrow lies in our children today. 

I love traveling.

I love my friends and miss living with them. 

I have an amazing family. Two fantastic parents that will be in love for eternity, two big brothers that won't let anyone hurt me, two little brothers that entertain me with constant laughs, a wonderful sister-in-law that has finally fulfilled my need for a sister, and a beautiful nephew!

I am obsessed with Nesquik.

I love reading.

I am a Christian. I love my Savior.

You can follow me here, on my google+, too!
**The rights to the pictures in my blog title belong to me, as I took all of them!
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