Wednesday, October 3, 2012

And 6 Years Later He Popped the Question

If you read my last post, or already know Brady and I, you'll understand the title. If you haven't read the last post, check it out here.

I have always loved hearing engagements stories, and it's been so fun to always think about what mine would be like. But I could never think up an engagement that was as perfect as the one I finally got.

Brady and I went ring shopping together, and since we are together ALL the time, I knew when he went to pick it up. He knew it would be futile trying to hide that from me. He got the ring Thursday, and I was so antsy! I just wanted to make it official! (And get that diamond on my hand!) Before he had even picked it up I was asking him if he knew when he was going to do it. He didn't. He kept saying that he'd maybe just make me wait for a couple weeks. Punk.

So Thursday came and went. Friday morning he texted about "date night." We have decided that we wanted to start getting into the habit of having Friday night (or Saturday if something came up) be our date night so that down the road when we have kids and life gets busier we will still have time for each other alone at least once a week.

We chatted about what to do and Brady actually had a plan. I'm not saying he never has plans for dates, but it is not common. He wanted to go hiking up Big Cottonwood Canyon near Salt Lake, where we live. He also wanted to pack Chipotle up there for a picnic. The first summer we dated we went to Chipotle on almost a weekly basis. He is the reason I now crave Chipotle.

So that evening we stopped at Chipotle, packed it in our backpack and drove up the canyon. It was beautiful. The mountains are such an amazing sight. We found the trail that had been suggested to Brady by a co-worker and started our hike. We both thought it was going to be an easy, 1-mile hike. Not a big deal at all. Right? Except that neither of us ever exercise and the trail decided to turn to a 90 degree slope! (Maybe I'm exaggerating, but it makes me feel better about my out-of-shape-ness).

During the hike Brady, who was walking behind me on the narrow trail, said, "Tell me a story." Again, this is sort of going back to a few years ago when we were long distance and would never want to hang up the phone so we told each other stories. One of those times Brady told me a story of "Brian and Kelsey" and how they met and fell in love. It was really us, of course. So when Brady said that to me on our hike I laughed to myself, but couldn't hardly breathe and I told him so and said, "you tell one instead." I honestly had no idea that's actually what he wanted me to do!

Brady began, "Well, there once was a boy named Brian and girl name Kelsey and they met and fell in love and broke up. But this isn't about them. This is about a boy named Brady and a girl named Katie." And he continued to tell our story from the beginning from his point of view, but in third person. So I got to hear all of his thoughts and feelings about everything. It was perfect! I chimed in a few times to help fill in some gaps.

When we got to the top of our hike we stopped the story so we could enjoy the scenery. The woods had opened up into a small lake.

We noticed a guy on the other side taking pictures of something, so we walked around so we could look past the bushes at what he was photographing, and there one the other side of the lake were two huge moose! It was amazing!

 Brady and I plopped our blanket down and had our Chiptole picnic while we watched the moose. Before we finished a mom and baby moose also came over to the lake. It was such an amazing sight to see!

When we finished eating Brady had finally finished our 6 year long love story. He still hadn't popped the question so I was wondering if he would, but not too worried. That photographer was still photographing the moose and a deer that had trotted into the picture.

We packed up our dinner and followed the trail back to the side of the lake that was hidden by bushes and tree. Brady stopped me and pulled me around close to him.

"The story isn't over," he said. "One day, Katie and Brady went on a hike. They got chipotle. And saw 4 moose! Then what happened?"

I refused to say. I knew what was coming. But what if I was wrong?! I mean, I didn't see a box bulging out of his pocket. And he let me get things in and out of the backpack. So what if he was just playing some cruel trick on me so that when he really did ask I'd be surprised?

Finally he gave up, "Well, Brady got down on one knee and pulled a ring out of his pocket." He did so as he was saying this.He grabbed my hand, "Katie, will you marry me?"

I cannot describe the feeling. I was afraid of how I'd feel because I knew it was coming, but I was so incredibly happy. He set it up just perfectly when he brought back all those old memories and feelings.

I immediately said yes and was so excited and happy about looking at him and kissing him and being giddy that I didn't even look at the diamond he put on my hand until later.

I cannot wait until I get married to this boy! I love him like crazy!

P.S Check out my ring!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Brady & Katie: A Love Story

I met the love of my life years ago. We both grew up in Minnesota, but an hour away from each other. Our church's youth group is what ultimately brought us together. We both belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, also known as Mormons. Our church would hold youth dance every few months and although we can't remember completely, we are convinced we must have danced at one of these at least once.

Brady graduated from high school, and I was enjoying the summer before my senior year of high school. Our church planned a church history trek for all 16-18 year olds in our area. This took us on buses all around the upper midwest for a few days. Brady and I were in seperate groups, but happened to be on the same bus two of the days. I immediately started crushing on this silly, adorable red-headed boy. Unknown to me, he was also crushing on me. But being too scared of each other, neither of us said anything. After the trip I tried to ask him on a date, but because of the way it played out he didn't know it was me and nothing came of it.

We saw each other once or twice after that, but life and circumstances got in the way.

A year later I was graduated from high school and working at ValleyFair, an amusement park in Minnesota. In the middle of the summer Brady went to Valley Fair with some friends, but I wasn't working that day. I later found that out after seeing some pictures on Facebook, and so started commenting on them and soon enough Brady and I set up another date to get a group together to go to ValleyFair.

The day began and before we met up I had hardly even remembered I had once had a crush on him. It didn't take long though and all the same feelings returned. They did for Brady too. Each of us was unaware of each other's feelings, and again being unsecure and naive we secretly tried to sit by each other on rides with out the other one knowing (it still makes me laugh to think about that). I later found out that Brady almost kissed me on a water ride, but thought better of it. Good thing. At that point in my life I had only been kissed once and I probably would have freaked out.

Sadly I don't have a picture from that day, but here is us at ValleyFair a year later.

This day developed into Facebook wall conversations, which developed into Facebook message conversations, and soon enough texting conversations that made me change my cell phone texting plan.

Brady owed me money from buying his ValleyFair ticket with my employee discount, and so we set up a time to meet. I ever-so-slyly changed our "meeting" into a double date with his little brother and another girl. We went to The Caves, a dance club in Minneapolis that had swing dancing on Thursday nights. It was not until after we got into the club and paid that I found out I was the ONLY one in the group that knew how to swing dance. Sheesh! After attempts at teaching them, we all ended up outside and spend the rest of the night just talking. Brady may or may not have dropped me off late for curfew because he got lost... (don't tell him I told you!)

This all seems like a fantastic start, but here's the twist- I was leaving in just two weeks to move to Utah for my freshman year at Brigham Young University. We hung out a few more times. Once I thought I would never see him again. I was leaving in a few days and he was giving me a ride home from a friend's house. I was holding a bunch of stuff and as I was about to get out of the car he said, "Can I have a hug?" Now here is where out stories differ. If you ask me I said "yeah" and placed all of my things on the floor. If you ask Brady, I said "yeah" and threw all of my things on the floor. (FYI-My story is more accurate).

Deciding to be a brave little 18-year old, I got him to come over the day before I left to say goodbye. We spend the afternoon in my backyard sitting on the trampoline trying to make conversation, even though we were both still so nervous we could hardly say anything intelligible. In fact, I am quite certain at one point I looked over at my mom's garden and said, "I wonder why that tomato plant is crooked." Oh geez. How in the world this boy fell for a girl that made comments about tomato plants being crooked is beyond me...

While we were sitting on the trampoline is when we first held hands. It was absolutely perfect. We were both so nervous that when our hands finally touched the butterflies in my stomach went wild. I couldn't have been happier. Until he left. (Two hours late for work I might add). Then I became depressed. Dramatic? Maybe. But I knew there was something special about this boy and I had just said goodbye.

Well, my bravery spiked and before I left for the airport the next day I sent him a message and told him he had better keep in touch. I am so glad I sent that message. It began 9 months of 2+ hour nightly phone conversations (more of an average of 3 or 4 hours), monthly trips back to Minnesota (luckily my dad works for the airlines) and 6 months later the words, "I love you."

I moved back home for the summer after my freshman year and thought I was in heaven when I got to see Brady at least two times a week (he still lived hour away). I couldn't wait for the day when I could see him everyday. I knew, though, I would again have to said goodye, and this time it would be much harder.

That December Brady left on a two-year proselyting mission for our church. This was a voluntary thing, and while I wanted him to go and serve the Lord, my heart was broken when we said goodbye.

Two years is a long time. We both decided that while yes, right then someday we wanted to get married, we had no idea what the future would bring, and it wouldn't be fair for me to live in a box for two years. (For those who don't know, Mormon missionaries detach themselves from home so they can focus on the work they are doing and grow closer to the Lord. In other words, we only wrote letters. And we chose to not write often so I wouldn't distract him). So while he was away I dated. It took me 16 months to really try to give my heart to someone else, and while I was fair to the couple guys I dated, it was never the same. I was never in love with anyone else.

Finally, two years were up. Brady was coming home. A few weeks after he came home I flew from Utah to Minnesota to see him. Things were hard. I was different. I was almost a college grad now. He was different. He spent two years serving the Lord. We stayed friends, but both were going through hard things in our own way. Soon we decided it was too hard to just be friends and we stopped talking. A few months later, he moved to Utah. We didn't talk at first, but that didn't last. Before long we were dating again.

The summer was amazing. We had a blast. School started again and life became stressful, but Brady made it all okay. We still lived 45 minutes apart, so weekends were our only time to be together. But they were perfect.

In December of that year, last year, 2011, Brady came home with me for Christmas and New Years. At this point my parent's had moved to Georgia so that's where we went. Starting a month or two earlier, Brady had began talking marriage. And I began freaking out. Suddenly now that marriage could be a real thing, I wasn't so sure anymore. I mean, it's a big deal! It's forever! So I chose to not think about it. Until he brought it up. And I freaked out. Over break, though, we just relaxed and had a great time. And went to the Atlanta Aquarium.

In January, a few weeks after we were back in Utah, I couldn't take the stress of the decision making process anymore. So I threw in the towel. I said goodbye...again. But Brady and I have this problem where we can't stay away from each other. Ever. So we tried to be friends. It ended up in "we're a couple but we're going to pretend we're not." So then we stopped talking. But we couldn't. So we tried to be friends. And the cylce continued. Months went by and Brady moved to Salt Lake. And then I moved to Salt Lake. And suddenly we were closer than we ever had been. Less than 5 minutes away. This didn't help our cylce. It kept going. Finally I stopped and said, "what am I doing? I love this boy more than anything. I can't live without him. He's my best friend. Why the heck shouldn't I marry him?" There was no reason. He was and is my everything. I know this is so cliche and cheesy to say, but he completes me. Really. Honestly. Truly. We are the perfect balance for each other.

So a month and a half ago, before I left on trip with my brother to Australia, I cuddled with Brady, looked up and him and said, "Ok. Let's get married." It may have taken a few minutes to convince him I was serious, but the rest is history.

I will do a separate post on the proposal for all those who already know our love story (especially those who almost know it in more detail than I do!).

We are getting married on December 27th, 2012 in the St. Paul Minnesota LDS Temple.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Hello Blogging World

I may or may not make a come back. BUT I have some important news to share.

My classroom is [almost] all set up!!

Ok, so maybe that isn't the most important of my news. But it's great, huh?! I've been so busy. In case you were wondering where the heck I've been, I've been in California, Australia, Georgia, back to Utah and in my classroom all day every day. Pictures to come of Australia? Maybe. But I really do have some other important news first.

I'm engaged!

Details of our love story and the proposal to come!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Why I Choose to Dress Modestly

I grew up in a religion that encourages it's girls and women to dress modestly. My parents also believed this strongly and so I grew up always buying a one-piece and never a bikini, wearing skirts and and dresses that hit my knee and never showing my stomach or cleavage.

I always was fine with it.

Well, I got older. I moved away. I went to college. And now I am a career woman. I still choose to dress modestly. Not because my parents won't "let me out of the house looking like that," but because I want to. Why would I chose this?

Let me preface this by saying this is my choice. I am not saying that in any way anyone else's choice to dress differently is wrong or bad. I know many amazing, wonderful women that do not share my same views. That is fine. I am simply stating the reasons behind why I do this, as I know some people wonder.

Let's think about [a few of] the reasons I might choose not to. First of all, I might feel "prettier" wearing shorter skirts or showing a bit of cleavage. Guys like it, right? But why do they like it? It makes me "hot" and "sexy." Do I want a guy whose first impression of me is "sexy"... or "beautiful"? I choose beautiful. I can still be pretty and attractive to men by wearing a dress that goes to my knees and covers me up on top. I personally also have more respect for a man that is looking for a modestly dressed woman.

Competition. Not competition over boys, but girl competition. If you're a girl, you know what I'm talking about. I don't know why it exists, but it does. I have so many awesome girl friends, yet when I meet a new girl I feel some weird underlying competition. Not every time and not in every situation, but often it is there. [And it's strange because many times I end up being friends with the girl and forget about any sort of competition.] Sometimes the competition is because of jealousy. When I see a cute girl wearing short shorts and a tiny tank top, even in a classy way, I get a little jealous. She looks cute, right? Not slutty. But guess what I realized? I can look cute in my longer shorts and t-shirt too.

Those are my two main pulls of ever wanting to dress in a way that I deem as immodest, but there is one more: convenience. Holy cow, it is sometimes a nightmare to find modest clothes! Most especially in dresses and shorts. Thank goodness that maxi skirts are in style, but do I really want to be traipsing in a maxi all the time? No way. I want variety! I love sundresses just as much as the next girl. And when I go into Forever 21 I just about die. So many adorable dresses. Wouldn't it just be so much easier to buy one of those dresses that's a little too short, or a little too low, or even just spaghetti straps? Yes. Yes it would be. So how do I counter convenience? I counter it with the real reason behind why I choose to dress modestly.

I choose to dress modestly out of respect for myself and respect for God. Like I said above, I don't need to show more skin to get a guy to like me or to feel like I fit in with the girls. That is respecting myself. I also do it to show respect to my Heavenly Father. He made this body for me, and I need to treat it with the utmost care and respect. That doesn't mean that I should use it to get men, or use it to fit into the current "trends," but that I should treat it as what it is-a Heavenly gift. A gift designed for much more than being a sex-appeal, some kind of object, or even a model for the world's latest trends. Dressing modestly can be a challenge sometimes, but to show respect to myself and my God, it is a challenge I am willing to take on for the rest of my life.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


T-minus 11 days.

And I'm still planning.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

New Phone. Samsung Galaxy S3

Expect pictures from Instagram.
Because I have finally joined the world of smart phones.
And let me just say-mine is the best.

Here is a screen shot that I took all by myself:

samsung galaxy s3 @ everything's hanging on this moment

Wanna know how hard it was?
I swiped my palm over the screen.

I could keep talking about how cool it is and how it's better than the iphone,
but I'll get a lot of enemies and a lot of bored readers.
(p.s. I was once an iphone lover)

Also, I started sanding my dresser today.
After a few hours and lots of sawdust all over my body and in my hair...I'm still not done.
When I'm finished I'll have pictures and hopefully a little tutorial! 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Stadium of Fire, Pinterest, and the Start of a Project

Well, first things first. Like everyone else in the blogging world, I have to inform you about my 4th of July festivities!

It's not too exciting. I hardly did anything all day. But my amazing friend Leah (who, by the way, does fantastic custom invites and other designing, which you can check out here) had extra tickets to Utah's big 4th of July celebration- The Stadium of Fire. So my friend and I trekked down to Provo for the show.

Alex Boye hosted, and we were privileged to first hear a short concert by American Idol winner Scotty McCreery, and then....

The Beach Boys! 
Yup, they sang that song. :)

I'd have to say, though, that I was almost more entertained by a group of five college guys that were sitting near us, dressed up as the beach boys and dancing and singing to every song. Totally made my night!

And of course, there was a spectacular fireworks show at the end! Again, sorry about the crappy cell pics... I may or may not be getting a new phone tomorrow... And we were also way too far to actually see the performers in these pictures...

stadium of fire @ everything's hanging on this moment

stadium of fire @ everything's hanging on this moment
[I love how it actually looks like the stadium is on fire here.]

the beach boys @ everything's hanging on this moment

fireworks @ everything's hanging on this moment

Happy Birthday, America!

In other news, I caved.
I got a Pinterest.
Yeah, I know, how did I miss that memo like a million years ago?
I knew it would suck my time, and I was right.
But I so do not regret it!
So you can follow me here, and I will follow you back!

And lastly, remember this inspiration post about refinishing a dresser?
Well, I FINALLY thrifted a dresser! 
I bought a sander today and picked up some paint swatches, so be watching for my progress! 
Pictures to come!

Oh, never mind. One more thing. 
I've also gotten to hang out with this guy this week:

best. nephew. ever. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Utah's Newest First Grade Teacher... me!

I accepted the job I was offered last week!
First Grade, here I come!

I can't wait!

I'm scared out of my mind!
Setting up a classroom? Making sure I have all the supplies I need? Planning thousands of lesson?
But it will all work out. 
You know how I know why?
Check out my secret to less stress in my last post here.

But still, if anyone wants to help out, PLEASE DO!
Any teachers out there? 
What's the best way to set up my classroom? 
What do I do on the first couple days?
How do I set up management?
Yes, I knew all these things once, but somehow a wall has been built in my mind and I can't remember anything!

Also- non-teachers!
Do you have any first grade level reading books? 
Please please let me know if you want to donate them to my classroom!
If you didn't know, teachers have to buy a lot of their own supplies, and books are a huge part of that.
I want to make sure my kids have a big selection to read,
as well as some fun books I can read to them!
Let me know if you can help!
Thank you!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Baseball Game and Sabbath Thoughts

Last night I went to a Salt Lake Bee's [semi-pro] baseball game with my roommates and friends.

Salt Lake Bee's Baseball Game @ everything's hanging on this moment

[This picture wasn't taken last night, but a few weeks ago at a different game!]

It was nice to be with some friends. 
What wasn't nice was when a foul ball bounced off the rafters above us and when whizzing just inches over my head.
That. was. scary. 

Today in Sunday School at church we talked about this:

"Give us strength according to our faith in Christ."

We talked about how having faith can strengthen our hope and even help us to be less stressed. 
I thought about how scared I am for a new job this fall. 
How worried I am to have to plan lessons again, to manage a class of 25 kids, and to make sure they are all learning and succeeding. 
Being a teacher is hard, and quite frankly, terrifying

I realized, though, as I listened to the teacher, that I don't have to be stressed out about it if I keep Christ there with me. Yes, I need to work hard and do my best, but the Lord will step in and He will not let me fail. After all, my students are His children. I just need to always pray for them, and pray for guidance in helping them to succeed. He will give me strength. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

In which I lose my job and search for a new one.

So remember my job that I love?
Well, my boss called me into her office last week.
Last week as in also being the last week of school for the year.
And told me they were dissolving my program.

early head start students @ everything's hanging on this moment

No more Early Head Start.

No more child care.
No more of my beautiful babies and adorable kids.
No more hugs from those tiny little arms.
No more.

I was crushed. 
I had been really looking forward to a new year, 
I had so many plans, so many great ideas.

early head start babies @ everything's hanging on this moment

early head start water play @ everything's hanging on this moment

Oddly though, I didn't panic. 
I was suddenly jobless.
And Miss-I-need-every-single-detail-of-my-life-planned-this-second didn't have a panic attack.
Somehow I knew everything was going to be okay.

I spend a few days this week helping clean out the classroom,
and may be doing more of that later this summer.

My wonderful, amazing supervisor whom I am going to miss dearly, has been so kind in this whole process.
She has emailed every principal she knows that has openings and raved to them about me.
And thanks to her, I got three interviews. 
I had two yesterday, and one on Tuesday.
And another at a Charter School that I got on my own.
[BTW, does anyone else feel like this in a job interview...]

job interview meme @ everything's hanging on this moment

But guess what?
I got an offer.

They liked me so much that a few minutes after I walked out the door
the principal caught me before I got to my car and had me come back in,
for "another question."
That question was:
"Would you accept if we offered you the position?"

I didn't accept on the spot,
I was totally caught off guard! 
So I'm waiting until Monday after another interview and after I hear back from my first. 

I am so excited!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Begins.

How was your weekend? 
Mine was wonderful. 
I went on a little trip down to a small town near St. George, UT (about 4-5 hours away).
I went with a couple of my roommates and a couple friends, staying at one of the friend's family's vacation home. 

It was BEAUTIFUL! Here is the view of the back of the house:
st. george @ everything's hanging on this moment

We spent many hours laying next to the pool, laying and swimming in the pool, relaxing in the hot tub, watching movies in the theatre room...
pool party @ everything's hanging on this moment

One night we even busted out the sparklers!
sparklers @ everything's hanging on this moment

Oh, and went on a midnight bike ride.
The streets were so dark we needed a flashlight to see.
The problem with that was that I had injured my knee just a couple days before and so got behind the group.
And couldn't even see the road!
Freaky? Yes.
Good thing one of the guys stayed with me and then a search party was sent back!
No pictures of the ride, but here is some of the group after, just a little exhausted!
post bike ride @ everything's hanging on this moment

I love weekend trips!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Time I Watched Someone Die...

My dear, sweet grandpa passed away on Sunday. I had the opportunity to be by his bedside when he took his last breath.

Grandpa has had physical struggles for a while, but starting going down hill the past couple of weeks. Last Sunday I spend sometime with him, but he was so weak he could not respond other than minimal mumbles and a few quiet words with great effort. As I said goodbye to him while he laying in his bed, I leaned down and kissed his head saying, "I love you, grandpa." His mouth began to move and he breathed out, "I love you, too." I'll never forget those last words he spoke to me. 

I went to visit him again this past Sunday. He was much worse. He couldn't even groan out any sort of response. He blood pressure had dropped and his breathing had sped up. The hospice nurse told us it would most likely be that day. I stayed the day there with my grandpa along with aunts, uncles, and cousins. 

Grandpa's condition rapidly decreased, and I soon found myself in a hushed room with brothers and sisters holding hands, sons and fathers grasping arms, and Grandpa Bay's favorite hymns quietly playing. Everyone was sad we were about to lose such an amazing and loving man, someone who had been such a part of out lives, but there was a peace that filled the room. Grandpa was about to go home. He was about to be reunited with his wife and his son as well as countless other family members. While those of us sitting in that room had tears streaming down our faces, those on the other side had smiles and open arms. And in just a few short minutes, Grandpa would be no longer be tied to his broken body, but would be running to them with that big old Grandpa Bay grin on his face. It's amazing to know that because of the temple Grandpa can be sealed to his wife and children for eternity. [more about Mormon temples here.]

Among whispers of "I love you," "we'll miss you," and "It's okay, Dad, you don't need to take care of us anymore, you can go," Grandpa took his last breath. He didn't leave without a fight, though, and one last joke. We had all thought he took his last breath, when to our amazement thirty seconds later he took another one! Way to lighten the mood, Grandpa! But soon enough, his spirit peacefully left his mortal body and went to join his family waiting on the other side. It was quite an experience to not only have tears of sorrow, but also tears of peace and joy. 

There is a song by one of my favorite bands [death cad for cutie] that says, "Love is watching someone die." I felt that so true on Sunday. Every single person in that room around Grandpa had such a deep love for him. It's amazing too how many more people wished they could be there. Grandpa truly was a loved man. 

See you later, Grandpa!

football doctor @ everything's hanging on this moment
grandpa, his wife marva, and two of the five sons
doctor @ everything's hanging on this moment
he's so dapper
doctor grandpa @ everything's hanging on this moment
doctor bay about to make another delivery
grandpa and grandma @ everything's hanging on this moment
grandpa&wife marva (she passed before my parents met)
i love everything about this photo.
grandpa @ everything's hanging on this moment
grandpa&i, 1991?
grandpa @ everything's hanging on this moment
grandpa&i, family reunion 2007
grandpa @ everything's hanging on this moment
grandpa&i at grandma jean's funeral (second wife), 2012
grandpa @ everything's hanging on this moment
grandpa&i, 2012
grandpa @ everything's hanging on this moment
grandpa&i, 2012

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Early November

Last Saturday night (after a long day of yard work), 
I went to a concert with my best friend, his brother, and brother's girlfriend. 

The only reason I even like this band is because of best friend. 
It's his favorite band, and they just got back together after a break-up years ago. 
Needless to say, he was giddy like a school boy!

I have lost my camera's battery charger, so these terrible cell phone pics will have to do!

Here is the gang! 
[pre-hot and sweaty]

The Set-up

The Band! 

I was luck enough to be pressed right up against the stage for most of the performance
[which was much better than pressed up against some short dude that I swear was sweating beer. gross.]

Also. I grabbed the set list at the end. 
Yeah. I'm that girl.
But I gave it to best friend,
who then accidentally gave it to his brother. 
Oh well. 

And then after we talked to Ace Enders, the front man. 
It was too dark outside so without a camera with a flash, there could be no picture!

The concert was such a blast and much needed after being so sick.
And much needed for what was coming for me the next day...
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