Monday, January 25, 2010

if you think its ok, its probably too loud.

I am sitting in the JFSB trying to work on a study guide for my Infant Development class, but instead of being able to focus on my reading, I find myself listening to the music that is somehow audible, lyrics and all, through the headphones of the guy sitting 5 feet away from me. I’m sure for him music helps him focus, but for me it’s a huge distraction. I’d much rather listen to music than do this study guide, so when I can hear his music, that’s exactly what I am going to do. I can’t help it. I’ll bet that if this guy turns his music down just a few notches, I will no longer be able to hear it, but he still will. Makes everyone happy.
Let me also just say that this is not the first time, or the first place, this has occurred. I've even heard music unusually loud in the library. Not in the no-shhh zone. Definitely in the shhh zone.
So word of advice to you music studiers: please just turn it down!
Alright, back to it ironic that he just turned his music off??


Stephen said...


A word of advice to music listeners: take your earphones out and set them on the table. If you can still hear them, so can I. Not everybody can study while listening--especially when we can only hear the bass guitar and the drums through your overdone headphones.

At least I'll have the last laugh when you're all paying out the ear for hearing aids, and I'll be able to hear my grandkids talk to me.

Katie Marie said...

haha. thanks for backing me up steve!

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