Sunday, October 17, 2010

Homeless Coming

A few years ago my brother and his best friend decided they wanted to break out of the traditional homecoming activities and make one of their own. The dances were just too much. 

And that is when homeless coming was born. I've joined them in this activity for the past two years. We dress up as hobos, drive up into the canyon, have a bonfire, eat stew out of the cans, and have hobolympics. This year hobolympics consisted of hobo-soccer (milk jug substituted for a soccer ball), garbage can races, three-legged race (each partner's leg in a garbage bag instead of tying the legs together), and hobodines (sardines). 

Check. It. Out. 

Half of the Group

Eating Stew

Hobo Soccer

Garbage Can Races


Stephen said...

In that second picture, Todd=creeper.

Leslie said...

this was such fun!

Sera said...

hahaha i love it! one year i need to be a part of this goodness.

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