Saturday, April 14, 2012

Change the First Five Years, and You Change Everything

Warning: I'm getting on my soapbox here! I can't help it when I talk about my job...

I went to my first teacher conference today.

First thing I want to say.
I'm a teacher.
Not a babysitter.

Have you ever said or thought that anyone can do daycare? or even oh they just teach daycare...?
I teach Early Head Start (preschool) along with running a daycare, but I still have gotten comments such as "oh so basically you're just doing daycare."
It really gets to me, but I hold my tongue.
They just don't understand.

Here is your chance to understand:

I take my job seriously.
And I hope if you ever put your children in child care or preschool, you will take it seriously too.

I love my students.
I would do absolutely anything for them.

No matter what message my paycheck and the general population say about my profession,
I know it matters. And hopefully one day the general population, and especially  my paycheck [:)] will reflect that!

And just to make this post even more serious (sometimes I hate when I post serious things, I just like talking about fun things!) I'm gonna add this video.

If you're a teacher, an easy crier, and especially if you've ever had to call DCFS, have a box of tissues handy...

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