Wednesday, October 3, 2012

And 6 Years Later He Popped the Question

If you read my last post, or already know Brady and I, you'll understand the title. If you haven't read the last post, check it out here.

I have always loved hearing engagements stories, and it's been so fun to always think about what mine would be like. But I could never think up an engagement that was as perfect as the one I finally got.

Brady and I went ring shopping together, and since we are together ALL the time, I knew when he went to pick it up. He knew it would be futile trying to hide that from me. He got the ring Thursday, and I was so antsy! I just wanted to make it official! (And get that diamond on my hand!) Before he had even picked it up I was asking him if he knew when he was going to do it. He didn't. He kept saying that he'd maybe just make me wait for a couple weeks. Punk.

So Thursday came and went. Friday morning he texted about "date night." We have decided that we wanted to start getting into the habit of having Friday night (or Saturday if something came up) be our date night so that down the road when we have kids and life gets busier we will still have time for each other alone at least once a week.

We chatted about what to do and Brady actually had a plan. I'm not saying he never has plans for dates, but it is not common. He wanted to go hiking up Big Cottonwood Canyon near Salt Lake, where we live. He also wanted to pack Chipotle up there for a picnic. The first summer we dated we went to Chipotle on almost a weekly basis. He is the reason I now crave Chipotle.

So that evening we stopped at Chipotle, packed it in our backpack and drove up the canyon. It was beautiful. The mountains are such an amazing sight. We found the trail that had been suggested to Brady by a co-worker and started our hike. We both thought it was going to be an easy, 1-mile hike. Not a big deal at all. Right? Except that neither of us ever exercise and the trail decided to turn to a 90 degree slope! (Maybe I'm exaggerating, but it makes me feel better about my out-of-shape-ness).

During the hike Brady, who was walking behind me on the narrow trail, said, "Tell me a story." Again, this is sort of going back to a few years ago when we were long distance and would never want to hang up the phone so we told each other stories. One of those times Brady told me a story of "Brian and Kelsey" and how they met and fell in love. It was really us, of course. So when Brady said that to me on our hike I laughed to myself, but couldn't hardly breathe and I told him so and said, "you tell one instead." I honestly had no idea that's actually what he wanted me to do!

Brady began, "Well, there once was a boy named Brian and girl name Kelsey and they met and fell in love and broke up. But this isn't about them. This is about a boy named Brady and a girl named Katie." And he continued to tell our story from the beginning from his point of view, but in third person. So I got to hear all of his thoughts and feelings about everything. It was perfect! I chimed in a few times to help fill in some gaps.

When we got to the top of our hike we stopped the story so we could enjoy the scenery. The woods had opened up into a small lake.

We noticed a guy on the other side taking pictures of something, so we walked around so we could look past the bushes at what he was photographing, and there one the other side of the lake were two huge moose! It was amazing!

 Brady and I plopped our blanket down and had our Chiptole picnic while we watched the moose. Before we finished a mom and baby moose also came over to the lake. It was such an amazing sight to see!

When we finished eating Brady had finally finished our 6 year long love story. He still hadn't popped the question so I was wondering if he would, but not too worried. That photographer was still photographing the moose and a deer that had trotted into the picture.

We packed up our dinner and followed the trail back to the side of the lake that was hidden by bushes and tree. Brady stopped me and pulled me around close to him.

"The story isn't over," he said. "One day, Katie and Brady went on a hike. They got chipotle. And saw 4 moose! Then what happened?"

I refused to say. I knew what was coming. But what if I was wrong?! I mean, I didn't see a box bulging out of his pocket. And he let me get things in and out of the backpack. So what if he was just playing some cruel trick on me so that when he really did ask I'd be surprised?

Finally he gave up, "Well, Brady got down on one knee and pulled a ring out of his pocket." He did so as he was saying this.He grabbed my hand, "Katie, will you marry me?"

I cannot describe the feeling. I was afraid of how I'd feel because I knew it was coming, but I was so incredibly happy. He set it up just perfectly when he brought back all those old memories and feelings.

I immediately said yes and was so excited and happy about looking at him and kissing him and being giddy that I didn't even look at the diamond he put on my hand until later.

I cannot wait until I get married to this boy! I love him like crazy!

P.S Check out my ring!


Emilee said...

Ohhhh what a gorgeous ring!!! I remember all our car rides talking about proposals, boyfriends, and weddings! I also remember hearing all about him, I guess he was the right one all along!

Jenna said...

CONGRATS!!! That seriously has to be one of the sweetest and most personal engagement stories I've ever heard! Here's to a life full of love and happiness for you two :)


Raji said...

So adorable and such a beautiful ring
Many many many congratulations!

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