Monday, March 22, 2010

school teacher.

I can’t wait. Just another year and I will have my very own classroom. Call me nerdy, but while sitting here in the library reading my textbook about teaching literacy to children, I am getting so excited. All these wonderful ideas of how to incorporate reading and writing; things such as having the children each get a chance to practice reading a story on their own at home and then read it to the class, or having a card making station in the room where they can write and make any kind of card, or reading a story to the class and having them act out a scene. Oh! Or having the children be “detectives” and decode the mysteries of a food label. High fructose corn syrup has a disguised name! Its really sugar! I’m so excited! It’s the same kind of excited feeling I get when I plan a fun vacation. But this is no vacation, this will be my job. 

I guess I picked the right major.


Jen Kerr said...

yay! i'm not the only one who gets really excited about my major! haha i'm so glad you are excited. definitely a good sign!

Leslie said...

you are going to be such a great teacher. and yes, you picked the right major!

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