Sunday, May 2, 2010

Half a Bash.

My dearest roommate slash bff from Minnesota slash twin, lesliejane, and I have the same birthday. October 30th. Which makes April 30th our glorious half birthday. We decided to make a celebration out of it and throw ourselves and Half Birthday Party. Mostly we just wanted an excuse to eat cake.

It was a spectacular idea.

The Cake. 
Half for me. Half for Leslie. And Half the amount of candles as our would-be ages.

The Half-Birthday Girls.

We’re even the same height….

The Guests. 

<---this one way just way too funny to not put up...

There were more people there but they did not get any camera time. Sorry guys. I still love you.

The Entertainment.

Jazz game. Yeah, they totally won.
Pretty much just because it was our half-birthday. 


Leslie said...

hehe. thanks for being my twin. (though, you didn't really have much to do with it... or maybe you did. maybe we decided this in heaven. yes, we decided to be born on the same day two years apart in heaven so we could have a half a bash together, in provo, utah. MOTS: yes, we decided this in heaven.)

ps. i love you, and i know this is a long comment.

Rob said...

good times! It really does look like I am feeding you the blow pop with my eyes closed haha

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