Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Todd's Dating Advice 101

My brother is pretty much a genius. On everything. When we take the same classes he always gets a better score than me on every test. And whenever I need advice, he has a plethora. (“Jefe, what is a plethora?” 10 points to whoever can make that movie). The problem is, he always tells me great things, and then I forget about them. So I think from now on I should just post them up here, then I can look them up later, and all my friends can benefit from his great advice as well. 

So here is Todd Tip #1:

You must have the 2 A’s. Attractability and Availability

Attractability:  You must be attracted to the person. Personality-wise and physically.

Availability:  The person you are attracted to, has to be available, if not, there is no use in pursuing. Move on.

Both of these seem pretty obvious, but they aren’t really to some people.  So you may think this is silly, but down the road this will come to your mind and you will realize why it is so important.  So don’t forget the 2 A’s.

photo via once wed


Leslie said...

good advice! are there any other tips?

Stephen said...

Nice and practical. Though if I know y'all, it took 2 hours to explain those simple concepts. We're Haskins--overanalysis is our trademark!

The movie, of course, is 3 Amigos.

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