Thursday, June 3, 2010

it started with a car ride

memorial day weekend. what does that mean to a byu student? an entire DAY off of school. a cause for celebration and road trips. hey, we take what we can get with no spring break.

this is how it went down. half of the group (sarah, matt, jeff, and will) went up on thursday night, and the rest of us (me, rob, and leslie) followed on friday.

6 hours, lots of music, lots of chats, and lots of coloring.

Oh, and don't forget, lots of....dinosaurs?

Hello Idaho!

the start of a great weekend. 


Leslie said...

it was a great start to a great weekend!


Sera said...

i missed you every minute of it...

could i sound more cheesy? the answer is no.

Stephen said...

Ok, this was a cool post, but completely insufficient.

First, what was the "it" in "it started with a car ride"? That is, where did you go!?

Second, when will you actually share some pictures/info on the trip itself. I mean, yeah, car rides are cool, but you can't leave us hanging like this!

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