Monday, September 20, 2010

oh hi.

Seems I’ve neglected my blog lately. So this is just a quick boring post about what’s been going on.


Yup. That’s basically it. I am taking 17 credit hours, which in the Elementary Education program actually means 21.5 hours.

The other great thing about the El Ed program? Projects. Lesson plans and projects. Aka. More Hours.
But who is complaining? Okay, maybe I am a little. Really though, I love my major. I learn so much every day, and things that are actually worthwhile. I learn about people, I learn about God’s children, and I learn how to teach God’s children so that they can reach their full potentials. Now what is more worthwhile than that? Nothing. That’s what. [sorry every single other major, i love you all, i just love mine the most :)]

If we want to add a little more complaining though, I also get to work 10 + hours a week (I pick my schedule so it varies up to 15 hours). Even there, I also get to learn about people, and give people the opportunity to give. I’ll post more on that later.

Random other things that I have been doing since being back at school:  missionary council co-chair responsibilities, wedding receptions, dance parties, ice blocking, movies, pillow fights [its ongoing, and I’m totally winning by the way], long drives [slc/midway…ok so not that long…], roommate late night chats, etc, etc. 

Now, back to my homework. 


Leslie said...

yeah. i know how that feels! you forgot to add on naps! cause, yes, that happens, too.

also, i like the new blog layout!


Heather said...

Makes me tired just thinking about it. I hear things get better after a few years of teaching though? Good thing the kids are worth it :)

Your calling sounds cool, you'll have to tell us more about what you do.

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