Wednesday, January 26, 2011

writer's block.

i am going to write a children's book. and get it published. 
ok. only halfway published. aka my children's literature professor is going to send it in and i get one copy back. still. pretty cool.
the only problem is...i have no idea what to write about!

it'll come to me.
 brainstorm brainstorm brainstorm. 
isn't that what i teach all my students anyways?

image here.


Leslie said...

remember that bedtime story i told you? the one about being careful what you wish for? do that! i give you the rights.

or write a story about a young girl who becomes a famous explorer

or a male "damsel in distress" fairy tale, like th one about the princess who wears the brown paper bag. seen here:

Heather said...

Steve thinks you should write about a family of kids whose shoes give them magic powers ;). It really could be cute, just don't use the power your evil brothers tried to tell you you had if you know what I'm talking about.

Becca said...

Good for you! I support that! Go for your goals. Is that you in the picture? I love it!

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