Thursday, May 19, 2011

the end of D.C. and the start of Atlanta

We spent our last day in D.C. (Monday) being tourists. 
We started off in the Museum of American History...of which I sadly have no pictures. 
How did that happen?

Then half of us walked to the Lincoln Memorial. 
It's quite a little walk, and my dad was injured so my younger brothers stayed behind with him.
We passed some other cool things on the way too.
The Lincoln Memorial...
I was so very excited to see this.
I've been to D.C. two other times and never been here.
It's sad because for some reason, Lincoln has always been my favorite president.
It might have to do with this story my mom used to read to favorite book as a kid:
So here I finally was, at his memorial
Then we moved onto the Korean War Memorial, and The Air and Space Museum.

We left the next day for Atlanta and went straight from the airport to a Brave's game!

And now after this crazy post with too many pictures (sorry, I can't help myself),
I will leave you with the cutest nephew in the entire world


Tiq said...

ahhhh…family day out. Lovely. Thanks for sharing these pics.

aawww your baby nephew is soooooo adorable !!

Chels said...

D.C is such a cool city!!! I've only been once but really want to go again - great pictures!

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