Friday, May 20, 2011

Vintage Dresses

I am currently at my parent's house, and I was looking in the closet of my room here and found two of my mom's old dresses! The wheels in my mind started spinning and I thought, what if I could adjust these and make a couple really cute vintage dresses?!

So I had my mom help me pin them to give me an idea and see whether it was worth it or not.
Worth it to take it to someone of course, cuz I sadly don't know how to sew (although this is making me really want to learn how!). 

So please take a look at these dresses and let me know what you think! Are they cute enough? 

Dress 1:
Mom's Senior Prom Dress

Dress 2:
Mom's bridesmaid dress for her brother's wedding

Now, they are just pinned, so the skirts are doubled up and poofier than they'd be if I actually got it sewn that way. The hem line will also actually be straight. So remember that...and now judge them! [I may or may not have my own opinion, but I want to hear yours!]

What do you think?
Do you have a favorite? Or do they both stink?
Any suggestions from people that actually know how to sew?

And please be honest!
I don't want to make them if they aren't cute!



Jordyn said...

Whoa I am so excited to blog friends, Katie!! And I really like dress #1--I think with the right shoes it could look totally Anthro

Jen Kerr said...

i like the first one best. i don't know how to sew but i like them at the shorter length. you should do it!

Anonymous said...

ooh i love these! they'll look great hemmed and fitted. if it were me i think i might make the sleeves on the second dress just slightly poofier to keep a little bit of a stronger vintage feel. but that's totally just my opinion.

leah marie said...

looooove! look at you, fashionista! I would like to take some credit here, since I did dress you for several years :) haha I'm loving these! I totally agree with Sarah, I think the see-through sleeves are more vintage (and so in style!) hanging poofier. darling, dear!

taylor elaine said...

I love them both! Seriously. Both are so cute & totally vintage! It should be easy to hem them as well since it will just be a straight line. Go for it!

Stephen said...

Wow--Mom was an awesome dresser.

Tiq said...

please alter both of them. You did a good job even just by pinned them.
Love them both!

The Fredericks said...

Love them! Wear a pair of awesome white heels with the first. the second is my fav - it's so spring

Mallory In New York said...

They're awesome!! I sew, and its totally do-able. They're so great, and one-of-a-kind! :)

love jenny xoxo said...

definitely the first one, i think you can totally pull it off! way to be creative!


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