Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I wanted to re-post this from my friend Kylie.

I got chills as I read this post. 
And I am not ashamed to admit that, even if it is about Harry Potter.

"hogwarts will always be there to those who are deserving of it."

i was chatting with my mom the day before last and we were just chatting about how we were both going to dress up as professor trelawney for the midnight premier of harry potter. like mother like daughter, i guess. 

i expressed how bittersweet this is for me, the last of the movies, the last new real harry potter moment. after the midnight premier, i felt that i would be entering adulthood and leaving childhood behind. and here is what my mom said to me:

"oh, well, your childhood is ending in a way...but the thing about great books and great movies is that they are timeless so whenever you read or watch them, you will be swept back to your own awesome childhood. those harry potter kids are your peers and they are my children and you are all grown up now."

so, i raise my glass to harry potter, the boy who lived, the boy who is our friend, the boy who makes reading magical, the boy that is a timeless part of me and my life and you and yours.

p.s. my professor trelawney costume was totally rockin.

[here is her original post.]


Dianne said...

Aww I love her mom already. And I felt like that too after watching it, like I have grown instantly but she's right about great books being timeless. I really think JK's one of the most genius writers.

Greetings from Manila :-)

candid phobic

Heather said...

True, true, true. I'm glad that Harry Potter was part of my childhood and it will always been fun and nostalgic to look back.

kylie said...

ahhh so sweet of you to repost. you're a rockstar.

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