Sunday, January 22, 2012

Decisions. Made em.

My last post (don't look at the date, we'll pretend it was yesterday) was about decisions.

Well, I made my decisions. It was really rough, but here I am and I'm pretty confident that my choices were right. Luckily I was communicating with my Heavenly Father through it all and He has let me know I'm on the right path. One decision, that I will not go into detail of, was extremely hard and something that I did not want to do. But I have faith that God's plan for me is far better than my plan for myself. 

Another decision landed me with the amazing job I have now.
 I am lead teacher of an Early Head Start classroom (1-3 year olds) and am the coordinator of that classroom and the daycare room that is next door. 
I am practically running a business on TOP of teaching, and I love it! 
I have four employees.
Yeah. That makes me the boss.
Check out my classroom! (I've actually already changed some things and am in the process of changing more, but you get the idea.)

Decision number three.  I moved. 
I used to live in a college town.
Now I live in a nice suburb 15 minutes away from the state's capitol.
I used to live with my best friends.
Now I live with my middle aged aunt. (Don't misinterpret that, she is awesome and I love her to death, i'm just trying to get you to see the differences!)
I used to park in underground parking (if I was lucky).
Now I park in a driveway.
I use to share a room.
Now I have my own.
I used to be a college student.
Now I am part of the real world. 

I hate making decisions. But I am sure glad that I made them. 


Heather said...

You are awesome. It was fun to visit you and have you over!

aj said...

I discovered that "real life" started not right after college, but when you move on from a college life (I.e. you). Those first 6 months were brutal, I'll be honest. But! 5 years in, I am happily married, with a puppy and kitty, able to shop and travel on my own dime, and searching for the perfect house. It's worth it.

And yes, I know that's a little preachy, but A LOT of my friends are starting to transition and fell back, and regretted it like woah. Anyway... CONGRATS!!!

<3 aj

RuBee said...

They seem like good decisions. Cute classroom! I teach 4-7 year olds in a really small school in the UK and I'm leader of what we call KS1. It's a lot of work, but a great job. I'm not sure how I'd cope with one year olds though! Thanks for the comment on my blog x

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