Saturday, July 7, 2012

New Phone. Samsung Galaxy S3

Expect pictures from Instagram.
Because I have finally joined the world of smart phones.
And let me just say-mine is the best.

Here is a screen shot that I took all by myself:

samsung galaxy s3 @ everything's hanging on this moment

Wanna know how hard it was?
I swiped my palm over the screen.

I could keep talking about how cool it is and how it's better than the iphone,
but I'll get a lot of enemies and a lot of bored readers.
(p.s. I was once an iphone lover)

Also, I started sanding my dresser today.
After a few hours and lots of sawdust all over my body and in my hair...I'm still not done.
When I'm finished I'll have pictures and hopefully a little tutorial! 

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