Thursday, April 8, 2010

accidental procrastination. or was it?

I had a huge end of the semester paper to do for my Infant Development class. I partly procrastinated, waiting until last week to even pick a topic. But I figured I had a couple weeks. Wrong. I found out on Thursday while looking through my planner that the paper was actually due the following week, this week.

Of course I panicked. I had to find 10 scholarly primary sources. I had none. So I got to work on Friday and researched all day. I didn’t do anything over the weekend though. Oops. It was Easter and General Conference.

I was back at it on Monday and Tuesday all day. The library and I became great friends…

but I think it liked me a little more than I liked it.

By Tuesday night I had everything but the conclusion written. I also then needed three people to edit it and give me written feedback (really dumb for a non-english class if you ask me). Luckily I have an amazing mother, brother (todd), and roommate (leah wasson). Thanks guys.

By noon on Wednesday I still had some finishing touches, but I had a class to run to. I pulled out my planner in class, flipped to next week to see what I had to do, and sitting right there on Monday, April 12, 2010 were the words “SFL Research Paper Due.”


I flipped back to this week, and sure enough on Wednesday, April 7, 2010 were the exact. same. words.  

After class I called my TA to get to the bottom of it, and it turns out the paper is due next week! So not cool. I practically killed myself working on this paper! Fer reals. While I was texting todd I even told him that this was my farewell to him, as I would be dying that night. His response? “Goodbye. Can I have your ipod?”

So now I have another few days to perfect the paper. The truth though? I am so sick of that thing it’ll be a miracle if I pick it up again and work on it.

Miracles happen everyday, though, right?


ahlin said...

are you serious??!! well at least you have it pretty much done right.... haha. todd. hilarious.

Stephen said...

Ok, the same thing happened to me TWICE last week! I stayed up all night two nights in a row--while my in-laws were in town, mind you--to finish two different projects.

Project 1: Ethics debate. Outcome: debate partner sick; postponed one week. Work: Totally Unnecessary.

Project 2: Uber Project Management Homework. Outcome: I read the due date wrong; not due for 5 more days. Work: I definitely was not going to pick that thing up again.

Rob said...

Dang that's rough, but it's nice to have that burden lifted eh?

Nicole Marie said...

uhh i've totally done that. i thought my huge 12 page paper was due in 2 weeks. and then realized in was due in 2 days. i cried

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