Monday, April 19, 2010

i just have to make it through finals.

three more days and then freedom…for a week.

And that freedom is going to be glorious. So many things to do. So many people to see.

My two awesome cousins are coming out. I hooked them up with sweet buddy passes on delta. Kendall was out here partying it up with me last year, and Kimmy has just been the-best-cousin-ever-slash-sister-I-never-had.




So friends that are staying in P-town, be ready for a party.

In addition to these great people, my mom and two little brothers are also coming out! I think they are staying an hour away though, so who knows when I’ll see them.

Then, on Saturday is the HUTCHING FAMILY REUNION! Woo-hoo! Watch out Utah, the Hutch’s are here.

Check us out in the early 90’s. We be hot. (i’m that little girl in the front row wearing yellow).


Sera said...

you can do it kk! i believe in you!

krandarhutch said...

What I love most about the 90's photo is Shaun's awesome pants in the front row. I don't think those were ever cool

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