Sunday, December 19, 2010


so glad to be home.

i came in yesterday, sadly lost two hours of the day because of the time difference. 
that's the only sad thing that's happened so far. 

played with Lukie, my puppy. he was so excited to see me! 
he may be a dog, but that much excitement just to see me does make me feel good. 
naw. i love my puppy. 

had a much needed talk with my mom.
it's nice sometimes to just unload on someone you know will never judge you. 

went to church this morning and listened to beautiful christmas music. 

spent the rest of the day just being with my family.

i even got to talk with my best friend, who has been away for two years!
 he's doing so great.
 i sure missed that guy!

haven't had to do any homework, or even worry about doing homework.


what more can i ask for?


Jen Kerr said...

and you miss me! that is one sad thing. haha jk, i love you!!

ahlin said...

i'm so glad you got home safe! the puppy has gotten so big! loves!

Rebecca said...

Sounds like the perfect time! I agree-sometimes I just need to visit my parents and have a good chat with my mama! What part of MN are you from?

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