Thursday, December 30, 2010

just can't stay put.

Yeah, I went to see my family in Atlanta for Christmas.

Yeah, I ended up in Minnesota for three days.

Its just what I do. I go places.

I got to see a really great friend I haven’t seen in 2 years and 1 month…not like I was counting or anything…

We had fun reliving old memories and making some new ones! 

Old Memories

Minnesota State Fair.
Everything on a stick.
Yeah, it was closed, but driving around the grounds without the crowds was fun!

My old house..
Over 12 years of memories.
Pretty depressing that it’s not mine anymore. 

North Park.
I loved getting lost in the many passageways when I was 6,
 and getting lost in my inner child when I was 16.

New Memories

My time was short, but we did make it to the Como Zoo!

Somehow in my 18 years living in Minnesota I never went to this particular zoo.

I loved it!

We also stayed up all night talking about the many ways we’ve changed
and the many ways we are still the same two people.

 I never knew how much I really changed until I talked with someone that was my best friend, 
yet I hadn't spoken to in over two years. 

I felt like I was viewing myself in a different way than I ever had. 
A strange experience, but I’m glad I had it. 

And I’m glad for my friend…who never stopped caring. :)

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