Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thankful Thursday

1. My new job.
I am one of the lucky few who got a job straight out of undergrad. 
And one of the lucky few that absolutely adores it. 

2. My cheap rent.
It pays off to move in with your aunt!
[We won't talk about the fact I'm still paying my old rent...
it could be much worse with expensive rent now]

3. My new friends.
I moved. 
I was sad.
Now I'm not.
[most of the time]
Enough said.

4. My old friends.
They are wonderful.
I had an opportunity to catch up with them last weekend 
at a bridal shower, and an informal reunion.

5. Starting New. 
So many new beginnings.
So many things that could have gone wrong.
So many things that have just gone right.

I am thankful to be alive! :) 


Jennifer Blair said...

Yay for cheap rent and a job! Those are definitely big blessings!

Ria said...

And I'm thankful to read posts like yours, full of positive energy! You made me smile, so a big thank you for this :D
Have a lovely day!

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