Thursday, February 2, 2012

hunger games.

I'm so obsessed.

Only 50 days until the movie comes out!

And guess what?! 
They posted a new trailer today.
 I was sitting alone in my room watching it. 
When it finished, I literally screamed out loud from excitement. 
Don't judge. 

[if you're reading this in google reader, the embedded video isn't showing up! so come on over to my bog to watch the new trailer!!!]

I read all three books in a week and a half. 
I was also working two jobs-about 60 hours a week-at the time.

I dare you to tell me how you're more obsessed than me. 
Or just tell me you'll join me in my same level of obsessive-ness! 


Nikskie said...

don't hate me, but i'm not a fan of The Hunger Games series...haha. but you can hate me less because i saw the trailer and i liked it more than the books.

Dree said...


Totally joining you in your level of obsessiveness. I need to reread before the movie comes out!! One more month until MARCH!!!!

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