Sunday, March 27, 2011

Holi Krishna

Yesterday I got the opportunity to be a little bit cultured here in my BYU-Provo bubble.

Down south about 20 minutes is the Krishna Hindu Temple. Every year the Hindu celebrate the coming of spring in a festival called Holi, or, The Festival of Colors. In my research on this I read that it sometimes gets very out of hand, but I guess not here in Utah. 

During the festival music is played, and the tradition Holi Krishna song is sung. Here are the lyrics, its actually quite catchy when you are singing it!

Hare Krishna! Hare Krishna!
Hare! Hare! Krishna! Krishna!
Hare Rama! Hare Rama!
Rama! Rama! Hare! Hare!

So my friends and I joined in the singing and dancing. We then watched the burning of a witch. No, not a real witch, a fake one. It was to symbolize the burning away of evil in our lives. While the message was good, I never in my life thought I would be caught chanting, "Burn the Witch! Burn the Witch!" with a crowd of people. Well...I was caught. 

After they burnt the witch we threw the colors to welcome spring! The "colors" are powdered chalk. Let me just say, it was a mess, and so much fun! 

p.s. sorry if some of the pics aren't the best. my camera was in a plastic bag for protections!

this is before the color went up,
people just threw powder at each other


kathryn, lindsay, jenkerr, macy, and lauren!

here I was trying to get a picture of my hair.
thanks jen and kathryn for making it SO much more entertaining!
ok now here is when we all finally threw a handful of powdered chalk into the air!
you couldn't see anything!

And now for a few after shots!
(all the group ones were taken on lauren's camera)

And to sum up the day...we got kicked out of Legend's Grill.
As we were walking out Bennett said to us,
"How embarrassing! I told you they wouldn't let our kind in!"
Haha. I love my friends.

Have a happy Sunday! 
And if you ever get a chance to throw colored chalk at people, take it!

also..check out my last year's experience here!

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Kristen said...

that sounds so cool! and looks like so much fun!

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