Thursday, April 21, 2011


-I am done. Forever. No more classes. No more tests. No more essays. No more finals. I'M DONE!!

-I'm NOT graduating. Confusing? Welcome to the El Ed Major. I still have a semester of Student Teaching.

-My big brother graduates tomorrow! Hooray! He's awesome! Way to go, Todd! He's off to dental school in the fall. I'm sure going to miss having him live 100 feet away! Here are a few pictures of out BYU shenanigans:

Football games
Hiking Angel's Landing (&almost dying!)
Homeless Coming
DanceSport Competition
Themed Parties

Love you Big Bro! Congrats on Graduating!

-My roommate/BFF graduates tomorrow too! We've been roommates for 3 years, and luckily it's going to continue!! She is getting her Masters in Library Sciences in University of Maryland's online program. Here are a few of our BYU shenanigans:

Celebrating our birthday MONTH
Themed Parties!
BYU TrueBlue!
Hiking Angel's Landing (and other places!)
Football Games
Modeling for photographer roommate

I love you Jen! Congrats! 
p.s. read some of our funny quotes here!

-Life is great! 


tywo said...

Congrats to Todd! I wish him success at Dental school!
All these photos are great.
Have a happy Sunday!


Karolina said...

Congratulations on your graduation :D


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