Saturday, April 9, 2011

my best friend is the best

So I have this best friend.

He lives 1200 miles away. 

But he always there when I need something.

Last week, I really needed something.

I opened my front door to a knock, and sitting there on the ground was a little white package. For me. From best friend.

It was just what I needed. He has sent me packages before [we’ve been best friends for 4 years and the closest we lived was an hour away…for only 3 months] and he always just ends up throwing in completely random things.

This one began as “I want to send you a CD.” Then he realized I wouldn’t like any of the songs. So he made another one, with songs I would like. So the package became somewhat themed with things I don’t like and things I do like. It gave me a much needed laugh!

Here is [some of] the content:

So most of this was just little things that...let's be honest...what I am going to do with them? [Except the CDs and candy...yay!]

But thats not the point. The point is that someone was thinking about me and cared enough to show it

Thanks, best friend! 

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