Friday, April 1, 2011

help me please!

I went out on a limb here.
did something I've never done.

I entered a photo contest!

Theses are travel photos, so I chose my favorite from my trip to Ghana.
This little girl broke my heart for whole week, before she finally smiled. 
It took even longer to get a laugh out of her.

So please vote for this photo!
Vote here.
I get a safari in Kenya if I win!!! How cool would that be!?

To be honest, I don't think I will win at all, like I said, I'm not a photographer,
but I would like a few votes. 
 You can vote every day!

 I love you all!

p.s. here is the link again:


Sharon said...

i tried to vote but i cant :( but i love love love love loveee that photo! i think youu must be a pretty good photographer! :)

HanneeNz said...

Oh, she broke my heart too! That is such a poignant photo, so sad and yet so beautiful. I will definitely go and vote.

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