Friday, July 9, 2010

American Friends in Ghana

Last Thursday, July 1, was a holiday her in Ghana. I went to the Accra mall (30-60 min drive from where I stay) with my host brother Emmanuel and his friends. While he was hanging out with his girlfriend I decided to do some window shopping. As I was walking along, minding my own business, I saw across the way the missionaries! (Mormon missionaries for those not of my faith, or Latter-Day missionaries for my Ghana friends). This was a miracle. I had been trying in vain to get a hold of the church for almost two weeks. I practically ran the missionaries down screaming (okay not really, I just walked to up them, but that doesn’t sound as cool) and explained to them my situation and that I wanted to come to church on Sunday. They were not the missionaries of my area, so they gave me a phone number for those missionaries. Then one of the Elders said, “We just met another girl in ShopRight from Utah. Do you want to go and see if she is still there?” Uh hello! I’ve seen about a total of two white people in two weeks, and ZERO Mormons! Take me take me!

So we went back to ShopRight (the only place around here that sells American food) and luckily she was still there! We exchanged phone numbers and I started feeling so much better about life here in Ghana. It was just nice to have a little connection with someone! And that connection led me to a trip to Cape Coast, and some more American and Mormon friends. That story will be saved for a later post. 

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Rob said...

I was so happy to hear about the good people u met there!

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