Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Typical Day in Ghana

6:45 am—wake up to my annoying travel alarm clock.
            —take a [cold] shower.

7:30 am—eat breakfast, usually bread, and recently bofango (er something like that, I just mostly made that name up) which I just discovered. They are somewhat similar to doughnuts, but I think its more like a deep fried something.

7:45-8:30 am—catch a tro-tro to the junction by the school (notice the wide range of time, many tro-tros pass me during this time, but all are usually full).

8:00-830 am—walk from Junction to the school, about 10 min walk down a dirt road

8:30 am-2:00/3:00 pm—teach and assist in the school! I love those African children.

Between 2:30-3:30 pm—take the tro-tro back to Kwabenya (that part of Accra I stay in), usually go to Lizzy’s (my host mom’s) shop/restaurant, eat a little something, hang out and read or go back to the house

4:00 pm—Usually hit up the internet that I now have in my room. Designated time for skyping family and friends…er…friend. Before I got smart and bought a modem, I used to go to the internet café at about this time.

5:00-10:00 pm—I do various things. Hang out at the shop. Try to come up with lesson plans that I don’t actually get to use at the school. Write blogs. Read. Eat dinner (these days its Indomie, aka Raman Noodles. It used to be chicken and rice. My picky taste buds aren’t a fan of most Ghanaian foods). Go on the internet more if I’m bored. Hang out [watch soccer/movies] with Eunice, my host sister.

10:00 pm—This is the time I plan to be in bed by, but somehow it never happens. I’ll keep wishing though, and stick it here at 10 pm.


Leslie said...

Ahh! Sounds so neat! i'm glad you're loving those little school kids!


Stephen said...

Since you arrived in Ghana, your emails and blog posts have contained the word tro-tro. Yet you have never explained what it is.

Therefore, I assume that a tro-tro is a spaceship powered by the ancient African desert sands and piloted by a mummy forced into servitude by Anubis himself for his crimes against the people of Ghana in 1,226 B.C.

That is so cool that you get to ride tro-tros to work each day!!!!!!

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