Tuesday, July 27, 2010

a few thoughts

  1. My mom and brother come to join me in Ghana. TOMORROW. I am SO excited!
  2. I leave my host family tomorrow. I am so NOT excited.
  3. I stop “living” in Ghana tomorrow and become a tourist.
  4. While living here in Ghana, I have slowly noticed I am becoming Ghanaian. Note these points:
    1. I have a tailored dress made from traditional African cloth
    2. Ghanaians commented to the seamstress as she was making it that they want one- same fabric, same cut
    3. I have my hair braided, complete with fake hair, the African way
    4. I stare at Obrunies in amazement when I see them
    5. The first word that comes to my mind when I see an Obruni is Obruni, not white person
    6. I can say a few important phrases in Twi
    7. I know what Twi is, and the correct way to pronounce it (ch-w-ee)
    8. I ride the tro-tro like I’ve been doing it my whole life
    9. No, I will not pay 4 Cedi to go from Circle to Accra Ridge in a taxi. (My white skin sometimes deceives drivers into thinking they can cheat me)
    10. My host mother says to me more and more each day, “You are typical Ghanaian.” and “African Woman!”
  5. This experience in Ghana has been amazing. I only wish I had more time. 

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