Wednesday, February 16, 2011

my little brother is all grown up and saving....[insert place of mission here]!

My brother got his mission call!! It was quite the family get together when he opened it too. Todd and I live in the same apartment complex so the three of us (Ben, the new missionary, being the third) met over at Todd’s. And don’t even worry about it…we had three laptops with three different Skype’s going!

Laptop 1-Grandma, Mom, Dad, and Sam in Georgia. 
                Laptop 2- Steve and Heather in D.C.
                                  Laptop 3-Ben’s girlfriend Shannon.

Check out our set-up: (sorry for the bad photo quality, it was a cell pic):

Before Ben opened his call we had to do our tradition of going around and guessing where he would be sent to.

Grandma-Boise [she’s from there]
Dad-Thailand [he served there]
Mom-Brazil [sorry Mom actually they aren’t sending missionaries there because they can’t get visas haha]
Sam- Oregon or Ireland
Heather-Washington State
Steve- Upstate New York or England
Shannon- Bolivia
Logan (Todd's roommate)-Russia or Florida
Duncan (Ben’s roommate)-Germany
Ben- Wherever the Lord calls me [good answer…]
Me- Boise [just had a feeling…]
Todd- Alaska or South Africa

Let the opening begin!!

And now.

What you’ve all been waiting for.

My little brother has been called to gather Israel in the…


We are all very excited!
Here is his mission [plus us weird skypers on the side]:

Does anyone know any missionaries serving in this area? Or do you know anyone that lives in this area? Let me know!

Also. This is a screen shot that the Georgia Skypers took at some point during the night.
Don’t even ask what is going on. Because no one in this shot has a clue. 



Heather said...

that was fun to see the laptop setup. I love California! If it was me I'd be ecstatic! I'd say from the pic Ben is somewhere on the spectrum of excited.

ahlin said...

dude. this is where i'm from.

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