Wednesday, February 2, 2011

science project

For my Science Methods course my professor wants us to be more familiar with invertebrate; not be squeamish, and know how we can use them in our future classroom. 

My group decided on meal worms. We picked them up yesterday and I am the lucky one that gets to have them first! I actually kind of like them (ok, you can start calling me weird now). I just like animals. Yeah, I know they're worms. But get past that. Just for two seconds while you read this post.

To document our observations my group has a blog, The Life of a Worm. You don't have to actually read that (unless for some reason you really like worms. or science.). That's just more FYI.  

So here are my new temporary pets:

I started naming them. and by "I", I mean my brother, Ben

Ike, Mike, Sike, Pike, Little Tyke....

[please don't let this scare you away from my blog. this will be the one and only time i post about them!]


Stephen said...

We found mouse droppings in our house. Since you like animals so much, would you like to come find it and remove it from our apartment?

sweet pea. said...

thanks for poppin' by. and leaving me a comment =)

Becca said...

Haha cute names! Good for you for having a positive and inquisitive learning attitude!

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