Friday, February 4, 2011


The walk to campus today went quickly. I walked with my lovely roommate and two very comical guys.
The cold doesn’t seem so bitter when you are laughing.

The three-hour class was typical. Yes, long for a class. But I’m used to long classes. I have three 3-hour classes a week.

Studying for my math test went well. Especially the part when I fell asleep for 15 minutes.

After studying for a while I realized I didn’t have my student ID. The testing center website said no ID, no test.

So the test will have to wait until Monday. I wasn’t that bummed to be honest. But ask me on Monday, I may say something else.
[Only after I walked all the way back home was I informed that I really didn’t need my card. Ha. Too late.]

I decided I could get some homework done in this newly found time I had.

That, or play guitar…which I ended up doing for an hour.

I love Fridays! 

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