Saturday, February 12, 2011

Why I Have No Time To Blog

Monday: On campus for 12 hours. More homework at home.

Tuesday: Campus for 4 hours. Homework. Work for 5 hours. Homework.

Wednesday: Campus for 13 hours. Homework. A little break!

Thursday: Campus for 3 hours. Homework. Work for 5 hours. Homework.

Friday: Campus for 3 hours. Homework. Work for 3 hours. A little bit of peace...

Saturday: Professor’s house doing schoolwork for 3 hours [at9am]. Homework the rest of the day.

Average sleep per night: 6 hours.

You know what, though? I am happy! I have so many little things in my life that I choose to let be a bigger determinant in my happiness than my stress and busyness. 

  • My little brother bought me Subway for dinner. [Thank you, freshman meal plan!]
  • I took a break late on Wednesday night to chat with some wonderful friends. [JenKerr, SM, Bennett, and Tanner]
  •  The girls in my major help me to endure the three hour long classes and all the extra work. I love you all! [There are 18 of them so too many to list]
  •  I learned more about my internship starting in the fall. Scared out of my mind. But overly excited.
  •  My dearest friend Ahlin let me eat some of the wonderful pizza that she made.
  •  Early Saturday morning class is not fun, but I got to hold a snake!
  •  I take time each day to learn more about and communicate with my Father in Heaven, and He is definitely looking out for me.

Me holding a snake!
 [Ignore how I look. I chose sleep over getting ready]

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