Friday, June 8, 2012

The Early November

Last Saturday night (after a long day of yard work), 
I went to a concert with my best friend, his brother, and brother's girlfriend. 

The only reason I even like this band is because of best friend. 
It's his favorite band, and they just got back together after a break-up years ago. 
Needless to say, he was giddy like a school boy!

I have lost my camera's battery charger, so these terrible cell phone pics will have to do!

Here is the gang! 
[pre-hot and sweaty]

The Set-up

The Band! 

I was luck enough to be pressed right up against the stage for most of the performance
[which was much better than pressed up against some short dude that I swear was sweating beer. gross.]

Also. I grabbed the set list at the end. 
Yeah. I'm that girl.
But I gave it to best friend,
who then accidentally gave it to his brother. 
Oh well. 

And then after we talked to Ace Enders, the front man. 
It was too dark outside so without a camera with a flash, there could be no picture!

The concert was such a blast and much needed after being so sick.
And much needed for what was coming for me the next day...

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wildchild said...

ha i love how pre-concert pics are always so much prettier than post-concert ones. ha.

also, you should attach your e-mail address to your Blogger profile so that when you comment on people's blogs, they can just respond right away through e-mail :) just a tip :)

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