Friday, June 22, 2012

In which I lose my job and search for a new one.

So remember my job that I love?
Well, my boss called me into her office last week.
Last week as in also being the last week of school for the year.
And told me they were dissolving my program.

early head start students @ everything's hanging on this moment

No more Early Head Start.

No more child care.
No more of my beautiful babies and adorable kids.
No more hugs from those tiny little arms.
No more.

I was crushed. 
I had been really looking forward to a new year, 
I had so many plans, so many great ideas.

early head start babies @ everything's hanging on this moment

early head start water play @ everything's hanging on this moment

Oddly though, I didn't panic. 
I was suddenly jobless.
And Miss-I-need-every-single-detail-of-my-life-planned-this-second didn't have a panic attack.
Somehow I knew everything was going to be okay.

I spend a few days this week helping clean out the classroom,
and may be doing more of that later this summer.

My wonderful, amazing supervisor whom I am going to miss dearly, has been so kind in this whole process.
She has emailed every principal she knows that has openings and raved to them about me.
And thanks to her, I got three interviews. 
I had two yesterday, and one on Tuesday.
And another at a Charter School that I got on my own.
[BTW, does anyone else feel like this in a job interview...]

job interview meme @ everything's hanging on this moment

But guess what?
I got an offer.

They liked me so much that a few minutes after I walked out the door
the principal caught me before I got to my car and had me come back in,
for "another question."
That question was:
"Would you accept if we offered you the position?"

I didn't accept on the spot,
I was totally caught off guard! 
So I'm waiting until Monday after another interview and after I hear back from my first. 

I am so excited!


Heather said...

WOW, Katie! That's amazing!! I was wondering when you were going to post about this :( but I did not expect you to be announcing that you were already offered a job. E-mail us the name of the school so we can look it up. Good luck with the decision!

hayley said...

wow congratulations! it must be a sigh of relief that you already have one offer! i'm looking for a job right now too and that picture made me laugh!

ahlin said...

so exciting katie! you're amazing!

Nikskie said...

wow! congratulations!
hope everything's going great

Fran said...

Wow that is SO amazing, what a huge relief!

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