Thursday, June 28, 2012

Utah's Newest First Grade Teacher... me!

I accepted the job I was offered last week!
First Grade, here I come!

I can't wait!

I'm scared out of my mind!
Setting up a classroom? Making sure I have all the supplies I need? Planning thousands of lesson?
But it will all work out. 
You know how I know why?
Check out my secret to less stress in my last post here.

But still, if anyone wants to help out, PLEASE DO!
Any teachers out there? 
What's the best way to set up my classroom? 
What do I do on the first couple days?
How do I set up management?
Yes, I knew all these things once, but somehow a wall has been built in my mind and I can't remember anything!

Also- non-teachers!
Do you have any first grade level reading books? 
Please please let me know if you want to donate them to my classroom!
If you didn't know, teachers have to buy a lot of their own supplies, and books are a huge part of that.
I want to make sure my kids have a big selection to read,
as well as some fun books I can read to them!
Let me know if you can help!
Thank you!


Todd said...

Congrats, Katie! I don't have any first grade books or anything that can help you, but I'm excited for you!

Sera said...

YAY KATIE! this is so exciting! you will make an amazing teacher! :)

Mrs. Powers said...


You can get tons of books at DI. That's what I did. You have to check periodically but it's doable. Also, I learned this year that you have to spend the first couple of days really practicing routines and rules. Those days are also really important for showing your students that you love them. I bet your district sponsors management classes. I took some that helped so much while I taught. You will do great. Don't stress about everything. Make a good curriculum map and just take it bits at a time.

Fran said...

YAYY! You'll be amazing! I've seen some awesome things on Pinterest - a few of my friends in there are teachers. Maybe I could send you the links to their boards?

mandiejane said...

Katie! So exciting! Which school are you teaching at? Btw this is Mandie Maughan... I saw the link on your gchat!:) Congrats girl! You will do great!

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